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Teen STAR is an international program that provides sexuality teaching in the context of adult responsibility. Its scientific approach to sexuality teaching among the youth and adults makes it a unique program for today’s HIV/AIDS prevention. It focuses on pre-teens, teens and adults promoting sexual abstinence before marriage and sexual fidelity within marriage

Teen STAR program was introduced in Uganda in 1999 where it has taken root for now 11 years. During its progress Ts program has been assisted financially by Natural Planning Centre (NFPC) of Washington D.C.INC. The same agency was able to obtain funding for Teen STAR Uganda from USAID under PEPFAR/NPI Grant in 2007. The grant has boosted this program in Uganda which has spread in 22 districts of Uganda in Central, Western, South Western and Eastern parts of the country. Teen STAR Uganda in now registered as a non-profit making organization.



Empowered, responsible, well behaved and balanced young people and adults for the integral development


Teen STAR Uganda is committed and dedicated to promote sexuality teaching among young people and adults thereby promotinng premarital sexual abstinence and fidelity within Marriage.

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